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Ajani supports and consults clients through every step of the business improvement process.

Prime Assistant ensures a calm and comfortable life in Phuket

One of the key principles of the company is a personal approach to each client.

Rather than providing standard travel services, the company’s experts work closely with each client to understand their individual needs and desires.

We take care of organizing all the details of the trip, including booking hotels, restaurants and tickets for various events, renting cars, ordering transport and transporting luggage.

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A rich experience

We have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of tourism and accommodation in Phuket. This information helps us in organizing a calm and comfortable stay for our clients.

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We respond quickly to any unexpected incident and offer practical solutions and advice to help customers resolve their issue as quickly as possible.

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We work closely with clients to better understand their preferences and comfort needs, this helps us organize everything necessary to achieve this goal.

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We guarantee constant support throughout your stay in Phuket, clients can always ask for help and advice if they have any questions.

Relax with

Free yourself from stress - we will take care of organizing your holiday in Phuket. Our team consists of experienced specialists who know everything about the island and are ready to share their knowledge and recommendations.

Personal approach

We will create an individual recreation program, taking into account all your wishes and interests.

24/7 Support

Our team of experts is always ready to help you, no matter the time of day or circumstances.


We pay special attention to safety and quality of services so that you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about troubles.

Large selection of services

We offer everything you need for a comfortable and interesting holiday and stay in Phuket, including transport, accommodation, tours and excursions.

Отдыхайте с

Освободите себя от стресса - мы возьмём на себя организацию вашего отдыха на Пхукете. Наша команда состоит из опытных специалистов, которые знают все об острове и готовы поделиться своими знаниями и рекомендациями.

Персональный подход

Мы создадим индивидуальную программу отдыха, учитывая все ваши пожелания и интересы.

24/7 Поддержка

Наша команда экспертов всегда готова помочь вам, независимо от времени суток или обстоятельств.


Мы уделяем особое внимание безопасности и качеству услуг, чтобы вы могли наслаждаться отдыхом, не беспокоясь о неприятностях.

Большой выбор услуг

Мы предлагаем все, что необходимо для комфортного и интересного отдыха и проживания на Пхукете, включая транспорт, жилье, туры и экскурсии.

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