Police Assistance Services in Phuket

We provide comprehensive assistance in various situations, including traffic accidents, police calls, and communication with the police.

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Assistance in Traffic Accidents:
In the event of a traffic accident, we will provide emergency assistance, including calling the police and processing necessary documents.

Police Call:
If you need to call the police for any reason, we will ensure prompt interaction with local law enforcement authorities.

Communication with the Police:
Our staff is proficient in the local language and understands local nuances, ensuring effective communication with law enforcement representatives.

We are familiar with local laws and procedures, making us reliable partners in resolving legal issues.

Our team is ready for prompt actions to ensure your safety and address any problems that arise.

Your data and situation remain strictly confidential. We are here to work on your behalf.

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Danger on the street. Blue flasher on the police car at night.

Stages of Service Provision

Fast Police Call

In case of emergencies, we will promptly contact the local police and organize their arrival at the scene.

Professional Consultation

Our experienced consultants will provide detailed recommendations on further actions and advice on interacting with law enforcement.

Document Preparation

We will assist in gathering all necessary documents and formalities for submission to the police. This includes drafting statements and documentation.

Interpreter Services

If needed, we will provide a professional interpreter to ensure proper understanding with local law enforcement.

Legal Support

If necessary, our lawyers will provide qualified assistance in legal aspects of the process.

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