Healthcare Services in Phuket

Arriving at the resort of Phuket, your health should always be a top priority. We offer a comprehensive range of healthcare services to ensure you and your loved ones receive the best medical care on the island.

Expert Knowledge

Individualized Approach

24/7 Support


Physician Selection
We will assist you in finding experienced and qualified doctors in Phuket specializing in your area of health.

Accompaniment to Medical Appointments
Our medical consultants will accompany you to medical appointments, providing translation and assistance in communicating with healthcare professionals.

Medication Alternatives Selection
If you need medication, we will help you choose alternatives available in Phuket, ensuring continuous treatment.

Medication Delivery to Hotel or Home
We will arrange the delivery of necessary medications and medical supplies directly to your hotel or home, allowing you to recover with peace of mind.

Allow us to take care of your health during your stay in Phuket. We guarantee that you will receive high-quality medical services and support in any situation.

Spend your time in Phuket with comfort

Our team of professionals is ready to help you fully enjoy your stay on the island

Male doctor with female patient

Stages of Service Provision

Physician Selection

Contact our team by phone or email. Tell us about your medical issue and preferences.
Our medical consultants will conduct a free consultation with you to better understand your situation and needs.
Based on your information, we will match you with an experienced doctor specializing in your area of health and provide you with their profile.

Accompaniment to Medical Appointments

We will coordinate the time and location of your appointment with the doctor, taking into account your schedule and convenience.
Our medical consultants will accompany you to the doctor's appointment, providing translation support and assisting in communication with the doctor.

Medication Alternatives Selection

To choose medication alternatives, inform us of the list of your medications and dosages.
Our medical experts will analyze your medications and suggest available alternatives, considering their effectiveness and cost.

Medication Delivery to Hotel or Home

Select the necessary medications from our recommendations. We will place the order and confirm the payment method.
We will arrange the delivery of medications to your hotel or the address you specify. You will receive them at a time convenient for you.

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