Holidays with children (health)

Healthcare Services in Phuket

Ensuring the health of your children is key to a successful family vacation in Phuket. Our specialists in child health are ready to provide you with a full range of services to make your journey comfortable and safe.


Individual Approach

Accessibility and Convenience


Pediatric Consultations: Our experienced pediatricians are available for consultations and examinations of your child at the clinic, during your vacation, or even at your hotel.

Dietitian Consultations: Our dietitians provide online and outpatient consultations, helping you develop a healthy and balanced diet for children.

Medication Supply: We monitor the availability of necessary medications and, if needed, deliver them directly to you.

Emergency Medical Services: We guarantee a prompt response from emergency services in case of urgent situations, ensuring the best medical care.

Traveling with children can be easy and comfortable when you have our team of specialists ready to take care of your family’s health. Relax in Phuket with the confidence that we are taking care of your children’s health.

Spend your time in Phuket with comfort

Our team of professionals is ready to help you fully enjoy your stay on the island

Chinese doctor measuring boy's height

Stages of Service Provision

Online Consultations

You can contact our pediatricians and dietitians online, receiving expert advice and recommendations without the need to visit the clinic. This is the perfect solution for discussing general children's health and nutrition issues.

House Calls

Upon your request, our doctors can come to your home for examinations and treatment of your child. We guarantee a high level of medical care right in your comfortable environment.

Outpatient Visits

Our clinics in Phuket are equipped with modern facilities, and we have experienced pediatricians and dietitians ready to see you and your children. Appointments are made by prior arrangement.

Medication Provision

We will ensure you have the necessary medications in Phuket. Our delivery service guarantees that you always have access to the medications you need.

Emergency Medical Services

In case of emergencies, our specialists are ready to provide medical assistance and organize emergency medical services. Your safety and health are our priorities.

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